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Your roof is one of the most important areas of your property and it is often neglected when it comes to safety. A quality safety system should be a priority for every property owner/manager to avoid accidents and limit your liability.

Oftentimes we overlook important safety practices because of time, cost and chances are accidents are highly unlikely; but roofers (who are properly trained) are not the only ones who climb up there. At one point or another you will most likely have HVAC repairmen, Satellite Installers, Plumbers, Painters and Construction workers just to name a few. And their safety lies on your responsibility.

Some municipalities are now requiring property owners to have a permanent safety system installed on their properties. McDonnell Roofing has now joined forces with Rooftop Anchors to ensure we provide you with the highest-ranking safety systems in the country. We can custom-order various systems to better fit your needs and your budget. Email us today for more information or call us toll free: 877-957-6637

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